Community Token Holding

This is a reward paid to supporters who contribute by purchasing CT in owner communities that they believe will be successful and then “hold” (holding for a long period of time without selling) the CT. The amount of reward will depend on how much contribution they made. Rewards will be paid in FNCT only to supporters who held the CT of the top communities in the monthly active community ranking.

The system is designed to contribute to the community by underpinning the value of CT and to earn rewards based on contributions when the community begins to thrive. Rewards are paid from the allocated community allotment of 42% of the FNCT issuance limit. (Scheduled to be launched in 2023 Spring)

Judging Criteria for Active Community Ranking

CT Market Situation The rate of increase in CT price in the aggregated month, and the total volume of transactions in the CT market

Numbers of Supporters Increased Numbers of supporters increased in the aggregated month in comparison to the average number of supporters over the past several month

Number of Rewards Participants “Average number of participants in rewards events over the past few months” multiplied by “the number of reward events held during the month”

Number of Participants in Token (CT) Voting “Average number of participants in token voting over the past few months” multiplied by “the number of token votings conducted during the month”

The active level will be quantified based on the result of the totals mentioned above as they are added together along with the activities of the community owners that are also taken into consideration. An overall active community ranking is created each month from the calculated levels.

Rewards allocated to community token holding are allocated to the community based on the calculated ranking, which will then be awarded to the supporter according to the share of the community’s CT held by the supporter.

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