Participation in Governance

FNCT holders may participate in governance (voting activities) to develop the FNCT economy with their FNCT holdings and exercise their right to vote on decisions. This governance is managed by Ethereum, or a smart contract compliant with Ethereum (EVM), and all FNCT owners staking FNCT (see FNCT staking for details) can participate in the governance.

For voting resolutions, we are considering proposals for additional functions/improvements and budget execution for marketing and other related activities.

Examples of Voting Resolution2^2

  1. Resolution to determine principles and services for a new rewards program that uses the community budget by selecting from several proposals

  2. Pros and cons of welcoming potential marketing partners

  3. Selecting a proposal to improve the method of determining active community ranking in the community token holding (mentioned below)

The drafting of the voting resolution will be conducted on an irregular basis, and FNCT holders will be notified in advance via communications including the FiNANCiE website and SNS. The number of FNCT held determines the weight of one’s voting right regarding the agenda of the resolution.

With FNCT, FiNANCiE will gradually incorporate elements of a decentralized organization of FNCT holders. In the early stage, the FNCT economy will be driven by the project team. But as FNCT is distributed among the community, the central role of governance will shift to the community (as demonstrated in the release of allocation and market distribution volumes described below).

2^2There is no commitment to draft these agendas in the actual governance.

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