Token Sale (IEO) Overview

FNCT are issued on the Ethereum blockchain compliant with ERC20 standards and are “Type 1 Crypto Assets” as defined by Article 2.5.1 of the Payment Services Act.

The FNCT sale will be conducted on Coincheck IEO, the IEO platform operated by Coincheck, Inc. Details are described in the "Token Sale (IEO) Overview" below.

The use of funds raised through the IEO will be disclosed on a regular basis on the Issuer's website.

Token Sale (IEO) Overview

Token Name

FiNANCiE Token


FiNANCiE, Inc.



Token Standard


Legal Placement

So-called “Type 1 Crypto Assets” as defined by Article 2, Paragraph 5, Item 1 of the Payment Services Act

Total Supply


Number of IEO Sales

2,600,000,000(13% of total supply)

IEO Implementer

Coincheck IEO (Administrator: Coincheck, Inc.)

Method of Sales

Sold in Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) format

*Please refer to Coincheck’s website for details.

Purchasing Eligibility

Users who have applied through "Coincheck IEO”

(Must open an account at Coincheck)


02/21/2023 Start of purchase application

03/07/2023 End of purchase application

03/08/2023 Lottery and Delivery of Financie Token

03/16/2023 Begin handling of Financie Token by Coincheck

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