FiNANCiE(Crowdfunding 2.0)

FiNANCiE is a completely new crowdfunding 2.0 service that utilizes blockchain technology. In addition to fundraising through token sales, because of its superiority to regular crowdfunding by providing sustainable community management and transaction fee income through the token market - we call this “2.0.”

Sports clubs and creators act as "owners" to issue and sell tokens, which are then used to manage the community. Fans who purchase tokens become "supporters" and participate in the community. This token is called a "CT” (Community / Club / Creator token).

FiNANCiE (Crowdfunding 2.0) is a platform that allows owners and supporters to co-create and build a creator economy that generates new values.

Their respective roles in FiNANCiE (Crowdfunding 2.0)

Owner(Issuer of CT)

  • Includes individuals such as artists, musicians, and athletes, as well as sports teams, idol groups, artist collectives, and clubs

  • Gain support by publishing your own CT and selling them to your supporters

  • Forming an online community with your fans using CT

Supporter(Holders of CT)

  • Provide financial support to owners through CT purchases

  • There is an incentive to co-develop the owner’s community by owning CT

  • Possible to earn gains from transacting CT


  • Responsible for issuing CT

  • Provide functions necessary for community management, and support community development

  • Offers an off-chain secondary distribution market that is implemented based on Bancor’s1^1formula model

1^1Supranational currency proposed by John Maynard Keynes and Ernst Friedrich Schumacher

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