Features of FiNANCiE (Crowdfunding 2.0)

First, supporters can purchase tokens issued by the owners (sports clubs and creators) to raise funds similar to crowdfunding. The tokens that are issued here are called “CT (Community / Club / Creator token).”

The purchased CT are then traded on their respective market, and the transaction fee generated at this time is returned to the owner. With this framework, owners can earn sustainable growth capital.

Additionally, supporters who hold CT have access to exclusive information, items, and other benefits depending on the amount of CT they hold; and they can participate in voting that defines the owner’s activities.

In this way, FiNANCiE (crowdfunding 2.0) is building a community where owners and supporters can co-create through the utilization of publication, distribution, planning, and operation of CT. This series of mechanisms are the solution to the challenges of the creator economy.

By offering an environment that provides everything from fundraising for owners to pursue and realize their goals and to the opportunities where supporters can earn voting and benefits privileges, our system allows supporters to proactively contribute and ensures the community can collectively move forward to realizing their visions. Also, as supporters trade CT on the market, it is possible to earn greater revenues as CT grows in value, offering an opportunity for supporters to acquire benefits in this regard as well.

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