FiNANCiE Lightning and Past Achievements

Given the importance and the potential of the blockchain listed above, FiNANCiE has been recording CT transactions in every community on the Ethereum blockchain through a Layer 2 solution called FiNANCiE Lightning.

This framework was adopted to avoid the limitations of the transaction capacity of the Ethereum network and the ever-rising gas prices from spilling over into the secondary distribution market.

FiNANCiE has already built 92 communities in the sports sector, 60 in the entertainment sector, and 51 in the individual sector (which includes creators and influencers) - all of which are communities with a functioning token economy. As of December 2022, the total performance has achieved more than JPY 1.1 billion in primary distribution (initial token sales) and approximately JPY 1.3 billion in secondary distribution (market transactions).

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