CT Marketplace (Secondary Distribution)

CT can be traded in a specified marketplace based on the price fixed by the initial funding. Because CT can be transacted in this market after the initial sale, should the owner’s success draw attention to the community, it is expected that more CT will be bought which increases the value of CT. If the value of the CT increases, supporters who purchased a large number of CT in the early stage may earn more when selling CT at their increased value.

CT is separate for each owner community, and the marketplace is also independent for each owner.

The CT Marketplace uses the aforementioned Bancor's formula model for price determination, which allows trading prices to be determined without the mutual agreement between the seller and buyer and prevents transactions from stagnating due to low liquidity.

Both owners and supporters can mutually benefit as they expand the community together by having aligned interests over the issued CT. If the community successfully expands and the value of CT increases accordingly, benefits to the early fans become greater since supporters who held CT before the community’s popularity will have a larger gain on the sale.

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