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CEO: Hironao Kunimitsu Founded on: January 2019 Head Office: Cerulean Tower 15F, 26-1 Sakuragaoka-Cho, Shibuya-ku, 107-0062, Tokyo, Japan Content of Business: Research and development of blockchain technology URL:

Co-Founder CEO Hironao Kunimitsu

After graduating from Santa Monica College in California in 2004, he joined At Movie, Inc. and became Director the same year. While producing movies and dramas, he also launched various new Internet-related businesses. In 2007, he founded gumi, Inc. and took office as CEO. In 2015, he founded Tokyo VR Startups K.K., a wholly owned subsidiary that supports VR/AR-related startups, and took office as CEO. In 2016, he joined VR FUND, L.P. as General Partner, which aimed to invest in VR/AR companies mainly in North America. He also founded Seoul XR Startups Co., Ltd. where he took office as Director. In 2017, he founded Nordic VR Startups Oy. to support VR/AR-related startups in the Nordic region and took office as CEO. In 2018, the company entered the cryptocurrency and blockchain business by establishing gumi Cryptos Anonymous Union. In August 2021, he was appointed CEO of FiNANCiE, Inc., and CEO of Thirdverse, Inc.

Co-founder Ryuichi Tanaka

Graduated from Keio University, Department of Information and Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Technology. He joined Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting in 2000 as a new graduate. He joined DeNA in 2002 and has experience launching new businesses including advertisement designs and solutions businesses. In 2005, he joined Knocking On. After launching the mobile affiliate business and planning/managing location-based social games, he has served as CEO since 2008. In 2010, he joined the Business Development team at Zynga Japan, Inc. In 2012, he founded Unicon Pte. Ltd. He co-founded FiNANCiE, Inc. in 2009, where he currently serves as COO and CMO after his service as CEO. 

Co-founder Hideki Maeda

After working for Toyota Mapmaster Corporation, he joined Rakuten, Inc. In the Media Business division, he promoted the launch of new social media and multiple services on portal sites and planned/managed/developed media as Manager. He joined Mobcast, Inc. in 2013. From serving as Chief Head of Media Organization to Executive Officer of a platform business, Representative of the Korean subsidiary, and Head of the game business, he became Director in 2017. After retiring from Mobcast in 2018, he joined gumi VR, Inc. and became COO of gumi Cryptos, Inc. in 2019. At the same time, he co-founded FiNANCiE, Inc. and served as COO before becoming CSO (current position).  

Co-founder Asuka Nishide

While at university, he participated in developing the PC web browser "Lunascape", which was selected as the IPA Unexplored Software Project. The same project had received the Certification of Super Creator. The following year, he co-founded a corporation with the name same as its product and took office as CTO. Since then, he played a central role in developing client applications for consumers for about seven years until he left the company. He is also experienced in social game development and management at Amateral, Inc. In 2012, he co-founded Walrus Design Corporation, the predecessor to Unicon Corporation, and served as CTO. Co-founded FiNANCiE, Inc. in 2019, he is now currently serving as CTO.

Advisor Keisuke Honda

Caught the world’s attention at the 2010 World Cup, he won the MVP Award at the Asian Cup the following year. In 2014, he moved to AC Milan and took on the number 10. He also contributed to the team in subsequent World Cups, becoming the sixth player in world history to achieve the feat of “scoring a goal and an assist in three consecutive World Cups.” On the business side, he has opened about 80 soccer schools in Japan and abroad and was appointed as a "Global Advocate for Youth" by the United Nations Foundation in 2016. He has also been an "MIT Media Lab Fellow," and in 2018, he launched the Dreamers Fund with Will Smith. He also served as the national coach for Cambodia in the same year. In 2019, as an athlete, he became an advisor to FiNANCiE.

Advisor Yuto Nagatomo

Attracted attention while still in college, he won both the J-League Outstanding Player Award and the Outstanding Rookie Award in his first year as a professional player. After the 2010 World Cup, he moved to Inter Milan via Cesena of the Italian First Division in July. In the 2018 World Cup, he played in all four full matches and helped the team reach the final tournament. Even after transitioning to Galatasaray SK, he contributed greatly to the team’s winning the league championship. He also achieved the feat of winning two consecutive titles in the Türkiye Kupas (Turkish Cup). He has been with Olympique de Marseille since August 2020. In the same year, he became an advisor to FiNANCiE as an athlete. He joined FC Tokyo in 2021 and he played in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

Advisor Ryo Ishizuka

He is a private investor, startup mentor, and NPO representative in Seattle. He founded Mercari in Japan in 2013 and the following year launched Mercari USA serving as CEO. He has contributed to the launch and growth of Mercari in Japan and the United States until his retirement in 2019. Prior to Mercari, he founded the social game development company RockYou! in Silicon Valley in 2006, where he served as Chief Architect and COO of RockYou Asia. He moved to Boston when he was 14 years old and has lived in the United States for more than 20 years. In 2020, he became an advisor to FiNANCiE.

Advisor Junya Hirano

Co-founder and CEO of HashHub. HashHub operates a co-working space for startups and developers in Hongo 3-Chome, in addition to joint development and consultation with various companies under the concept of a blockchain studio. Its subsidiary, d10n Lab, is used by many individuals, financial institutions, and major companies as a fee-based information distribution provider that mainly distributes research reports. In 2019, he became an advisor to FiNANCiE.

Advisor Kosuke Minowa

Editor and businessman. Born in 1985. Graduated from Waseda University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences. He joined Futabasha in 2010. Since joining Gentosha in 2015, his edited books have become bestsellers including "Multi-Dynamics" (by Takafumi Horie) / "The Magic of Memo" (by Yuji Maeda). In August 2018, he released his own book, "Everything is a Scratch Except Death.” On the other hand, he runs his own online salon, "Minowa Editing Room.” Wanting a place like an actual Minecraft, he decided to start a village-building project at FiNANCiE. In 2020, he became an advisor to FiNANCiE.

Advisor Noa Sato

Model. Her social networking accounts have a total of over 1.4 million followers, and she mainly distributes beauty-related videos such as makeup and skincare on her YouTube channel. She has also reached overseas audiences as she streams via platforms such as Weibo and Bilibili Video. She also has her own particular methodology for SNS account management and speaks at seminars directed at companies. In 2019, she became an advisor to FiNANCiE.

Advisor Takahiro Miura

After working for Hakuhodo TBWA\HAKUHODO, he became independent in 2017 with the motto of “It is not my job to create expressions, but a phenomenon.” He has won Japan PR Grand Prize, CampaignASIA Young Achiever of the Year - ADfest - Fuji Sankei Group Advertising Grand Prize - Good Design Award, Cannes Lions Festival Creativity, 2013 PR Category Bronze - 2016 Healthcare PR Category Gold - 2017 Product Design Category Bronze, 2017 ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS Innovation Category Grand Prix / Ministers of Internal Affairs and Communications Awards, Interactive Category Bronze. In 2019, he became an advisor to FiNANCiE.

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