Initial Distribution of FNCT

We are expecting the total issuance cap of FNCT to be 20 billion which will be allocated as follows. No more than 20 billion tokens will be issued. Issued tokens may be burned to reduce the total amount of tokens.


Investor owned (IEO sales)








1) Investor owned (IEO sales)

All volumes sold at IEO will be marketed without lock-up.

2) Team

Used as an incentive to team members and shareholders who drive the token ecosystem. Regarding the team portion, a certain period of sales restriction will be set to maintain a stable governance structure of the project in the early stage and to ensure their long-term commitment.

3) Community

Used for activities to maintain and expand the FNCT token ecosystem. New ecosystems are to be added in the future including the reward structure defined at this current stage, and future team members will also be allocated from this allocation. As mentioned above, FiNANCiE will incorporate elements of a decentralized organization of FNCT holders. In the initial phase, the project team will take the lead in executing the budget which will then gradually transition to a structure where the governance mechanism by the FNCT holders will function effectively.

4) Partner

Allocations are made to project stakeholders, organizations, and individuals who work with FiNANCiE to maintain sustainable development and operations (initially, such as sports teams, leagues, major entertainment companies, music labels, publishers, crypto asset exchanges, and financial companies). The program will also include individuals who can give advice on systems like blockchain which is essential for FiNANCiE’s businesses, economy designers to ensure the efficient operation of the FNCT token ecosystem, and celebrities (athletes, entertainers, chefs, musicians, entrepreneurs) who are expected to attract many fans into the ecosystem by issuing CT and collaborating with FiNANCiE. Additionally, we plan to allocate this allocation to those who will support us in supplying liquidity as well as to blockchain companies and system companies that are potential FiNANCiE partners.

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