An Open Interchangeability with the Broader Economy

The value of the token economy is directly related to the size of its economic bloc. An environment where more people hold and trade tokens is crucial to increase the value of the token economy. This is also true for the FiNANCiE community, and being connected to the blockchain is essential for the community to associate openly with other token economies. Today, there are a variety of public chains in the world including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BSC (Binance Smart Chain) - with each chain having its own token economy. Each of their chains is connected interoperability, and the technology for connecting these economies is evolving rapidly. Realizing the visions of sports clubs and creators are no longer limited to a specific country or region. Currently, FiNANCiE has not implemented this compatibility. But through the interoperability of ERC20-standardized FNCT blockchain, we will welcome every worldwide user to the FiNANCiE token economy.

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