The Relationship between “Fan” and “Creator”

Before the "creator economy," a one-sided promotion to mass users and fans through mass media such as television, especially in the 1990s, was very common. However, with the development of the Internet in the 2010s, the relationship has become two-sided. Now, fans actively select, follow, subscribe to creators’ and influencers’ Youtube channels and/or other SNS, and they do “comment” and “share”.

From the 2020s and onwards, we believe that the relations between creators and their supporting fans will come even closer. The two will be directly involved with each other to grow and create. In order to realize an era in which the success of sports clubs and creators becomes directly beneficial to fans, a mechanism to transform fans into supporters and eventually into partners becomes essential.

We believe this framework is highly compatible with the new autonomous decentralized mechanism using rational incentives as discussed in Web3 and DAO.

To attain further growth of the creator economy, new mechanisms such as Web3 and DAO will become increasingly important; and the token economy utilizing blockchain technology will be effective accordingly.

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