At the time of releasing FNCT, all CT are issued, managed, and distributed off-chain through the following process.

March 2019: Open β

  • In response to user feedback during the closed β and to maximize user experience, we have changed to a method that does not require users to directly create and operate wallets themselves (Custody). Additionally, we have changed our policy to market within Japan and have set the currency to the Japanese yen to comply with Japanese laws and regulations. CT was designed to be unsendable by remaining exclusive within the FiNANCiE service, and the Ethereum mainnet is used as its network.

September 2019: Official version

  • Due to the increase in the number of users and transactions since the open β, we decided that it would be difficult to record all transactions on the Ethereum mainnet. Therefore, we discontinued having CT transacted with smart contracts and went off-chain. This alternative has significantly heightened the throughput limit of the transactions. On the other hand, we have implemented FiNANCiE Lightning (as mentioned below) in order to maintain auditability and to maintain proof of CT ownership.

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