Issuance of CT (Funding / Initial Sale)

When an owner launches a community on FiNANCiE (Crowdfunding 2.0), the owner issues their own community token (CT) for the initial sale (approximately 2 million CT) and asks fans and supporters to participate in the community (≒support) by purchasing CT in a certain period. The unit price of CT will be determined according to the total amount purchased during this period, and CT purchasers will be awarded CT in an amount corresponding to the amount they purchased. By receiving CT, the CT purchaser joins the owner’s community as a supporter.

Most of the CT sales are delivered to the owner, but a portion is allocated to the CT's secondary market deposit and issuers’ platform fee.

*CT are digital items that are completed and distributed only on FiNANCiE (Crowdfunding 2.0) and do not support receipts and disbursement to the blockchain.

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