Launched in March 2019, FiNANCiE, as an app service, has provided reliable operations long-term. In 2023, FNCT will be issued and sold at IEO, and its utility services such as staking, governance, and other services for FiNANCiE users will also commence. By the end of 2023, we plan to enhance the domestic ecosystem, provide utilities and expand the ecosystem that contributes to the creator economy.

We are also considering developing a global version of FiNANCiE as Ver. 2. We plan to develop the global ecosystem of FiNANCiE by utilizing FNCT as the platform token.

【Ver.0】Stable operation as an application service (2019~)

【Ver.1】FNCT IEO (in the middle of 2023) Start Staking / Governance

【Ver.1.5】Expansion of the domestic ecosystem (Within 2023) Provide utilities that contribute to the sports/creators economy; expansion of ecosystem

【Ver.2】Launch of the global version of FiNANCiE

【Ver.3】Consideration of FiNANCiE proprietary blockchain (FNBC) Utilized as FNBC's native token for management fees, validation rewards, etc.

In the future, we are considering the transition to FiNANCiE's own blockchain. During then, we plan to treat FNCT as a native token. Along with token governance, the core team will design by adapting to technological progressions and through discussions over topics including the right technology to select and the appropriate token design to implement.

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