Buyback & burn

Once a quarter, FiNANCiE plans to conduct buybacks of FNCT from the market to adjust the volume of FNCT in circulation and to support their value. The funding source for buybacks will be limited to 20% of the revenues received by the Issuer of the CT marketplace transaction fee of FiNANCiE (Crowdfunding 2.0). Buyback schedules and their results will be reported and disclosed on the specified website.

A portion of the buy-backed FNCT is transferred to the reward pool, and the remainder is burned. The amount to be burned will be limited to 1% of the FNCT circulated at the market at the time of each implementation. Burn is capped at 50% of total supply and will not exceed this limit.

A specified website will also be set up to announce Burn results and the status every time.

The volume of CT transactions and the vitality of the community are important to the life cycle of FiNANCiE. One of our objectives is to ensure that the increased value of FNCT has a certain correlation to these two factors. We expect these relations to become one of the sustainable elements that underpin the value of FNCT.

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