From the “Company” to the “Individual”

On the other hand, the global trend nowadays is the increasing power of the individual to communicate. What was once thought to be impossible without the organizational and capital strength of a company is now being overcome by individuals and small entities - by generating large movements to attract attention through various methods. We now see a shift in the leading role from the company to the individual.

As many "economies" (economic blocs) centered on "individuals" such as YouTubers, artists, and athletes have emerged, many crowdfunding services, subscription services (fan clubs and salons), and live-streaming services that allow users to offer tippings have been created and are continuously growing. The framework of a “public limited company” is now becoming feasible for individuals.

The shift from the "company" to the "individual" has been developing around the world, and individuals are connecting with fans and customers in an increasing number of ways. The “creator economy” and “fan economy” - an economy where people who used to be consumers are also able to become producers and sellers - are the next major trend.

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