Financie Token

Uses of Procured Funds

The following is a breakdown of different uses of funds procured through IEO.
1)30% Development
Used to facilitate any developments of FNCT.
2)30% Marketing
Used for all activities that contribute to the expansion and vitalization of the FNCT ecosystem.
3)10% Operation
Used for all activities related to the FNCT ecosystem, community, and other operations.
4)15% Contractor
Used to make payments to outside vendors, such as crypto asset exchangers and specialists necessary to promote stable operations of FNCT.
5)15% Reserve
The funds may be used for 1) through 4) above, as well as for similar overhead expenses, or for income taxes incurred as a result of IEO procurement.
The uses of procured funds may be adjusted within the following ranges after the amount of procured funds by IEO is finalized.
  • 25-35%: Development Cost
  • 25-35%: Marketing
  • 5-15%: Operation
  • 10-20%: Contractor
  • 10-25%: Reserve